Kittysu has always been an extraordinary idea, a vision that seemed far fetched, until 7 years ago. It became more than a club, it turned into an emotion for the LGBTQIA community. It revolutionised the nightlife in Mumbai and Chandigarh, elevated the idea of entertainment and most importantly, it brought change into the society, to the way we as individuals saw each other and ourselves.

The motto behind KittySu was to create a safe entertainment space that is inclusive of all kinds of guests. It was a way to escape worries, and indulge in pure, raw mind numbing fun. A perfect place to celebrate everything, KittySu became a go to weekend plan, a venue to celebrate your friend getting married, to toast for your promotion, to just dance the night away after getting your heart broken, KittySu has been there for all.

Mr Suri said “ We have so much to celebrate this year, the fact that we survived the pandemic and have gotten back to our usual lives. It made me think how life is so fragile, it can slip right through you, leaving you with regrets. Well, no one wants to live that way, so join us as we celebrate life at KittySu, let us cherish moments with friends and family, spread love, fall in love, do the impossible and chase your dreams,because you never know what tomorrow holds. No moment is too little to celebrate, let’s live to the fullest and create monumental memories.”

Head over to KittySu on the 29th and 30th april, 2022 to celebrate in the KittySu universe, KittyVerse, let go of all inhibitions, and express gratitude for our lives. Let this weekend be all about love and fun at KittyVerse!