Karan Jain CEO India, talks about the expansion plans in India.

What prompted the company to bring the brand to India?

James Brown, Managing Director of BrewDog’s bar business, said “We’re delighted to extend our relationship with Aloha International to bring our bar experiences to more customers across India. The craft beer scene is young and dynamic, and the response from the local community has been incredible so far.”

What are the products on offer at your bars from your global portfolio?

BrewDog has an extensive beer list of over 400 beers. In India, we’ll have over 22 types of beers including guest beers. The classic, industry-shattering Punk IPA marks its presence along with crisp, refreshing lagers like the unfiltered Rustic Lager and the dry-hopped Pilsner Lost Lager are some of the brand’s most renowned offerings.

How do you compare your beer to Indian craft beers?

India is a nascent beer market by virtue of the fact that craft beer has been around for only 12-13 years. Today there are around 400 or so craft breweries in India. But nearly 50 per cent is wheat beer. The remaining players are making only 4-5 different variants of beer. This is where someone like a BrewDog wins because we have a portfolio of more than 450 beers. Out of which at any given point of time we will have at least 24 beers on tap in our bars.

How do you compare your bar ambience to Indian bars?

BrewDog is one of its kind and comparing it to others would be unfair. However BrewDog’s ambiance has its own vibe for craft beer lovers. The bar is designed to be the ultimate casual dining and drinking space with multiple seating areas and 20+ different craft beers on tap. The site shares BrewDog’s classic design aesthetic, combining their iconic neon lights and signature graffiti with exposed brick and an industrial edge.

What is the price of your beers at your bars? Is there a price difference as compared to craft beers and why?

The prices vary from state to state.

What are your expansion plans for 2022?

By the end of the year we will have three more – Amritsar, Chandigarh and Hyderabad. Next year we hope to open 6-9 more outlets across the country in places like Goa, Bangalore, Indore, etc. We are looking at 25 plus outlets in the next three to four years.

What are your marketing initiatives to grow the brand in India?

BrewDog worldwide ensures that we keep coming up with new ideas and initiatives to keep our patrons hooked and coming back for more. As one of the most pet friendly breweries in the world, we believe in bringing local communities together who can sit and have great conversations over good food and great beers. We encourage our patrons to come try and learn about various craft and guest beers at BrewDog by regularly hosting live events, allowing our customers to have something new to always look forward to. Our educated 20 + staff encourage our patrons to let their hair down and provide an exceptional service, ensuring that the patrons leave the venue satisfied.

How has the brand evolved since it launched?

With more than 110+ locations worldwide the BrewDog India story has just begun. With two locations in Mumbai and now one in Gurugram, we are heading to Amritsar and Chandigarh, which show great potential as craft beer markets. Followed by 25 to 30 locations over the next 3 years. The bar expansion will also be complemented by entry into the bottles and cans retail market to make our product accessible in liquor stores.

Which are your retail channels? Will they be available at wine shops?

BrewDog had launched three bottled beers in retail and on trade. These include Punk IPA, Lost Lager and Wild Card Wheat brewed especially for the Indian market. Punk IPA and Wild Card Wheat will be available in keg format for the on trade as well.

How does BrewDog celebrate International Beer Day Worldwide?

It’s International Beer Day everyday for us with over 400 types of beers in our portfolio. We celebrate collabfest, our biggest retail festival with over 90 breweries from around the world that brew epic beers and our consumers get to try some fantastic beers at our bars.

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Vincent Fernandes